HKT48 10th Anniversary

NEWS お知らせ

「宮脇咲良 HKT48 卒業コンサート ~Bouquet~」ブックレット・グッズオンラインショップ先行予約販売のご案内

6月19日(土)に開催予定の「宮脇咲良 HKT48 卒業コンサート ~Bouquet~」ブックレット・グッズの商品詳細および先行販売をご案内いたします。

①オンラインショップ 先行予約

②オンラインショップ 通常販売 Vol.1
5/27(木) 10:00~

③イベント会場 現地販売

④オンラインショップ 事後販売





Announcement of “Sakura Miyawaki HKT48 Graduation Concert ~Bouquet~” Booklet and Goods Online Shop Pre-Order

Thank you for your continued support of HKT48.
We are happy to announce the start of pre-order for “Sakura Miyawaki HKT48 Graduation Concert ~Bouquet~” booklet and goods.
Details are as below.

【Sales Period】
①Online Shop Pre-Order
Wednesday, May 19th 5pm~Wednesday, May 26th 9pm
・For customers in Japan, the goods are planned to arrive before the concert.
・Limited quantity, will stop as soon as sold out

②Online Shop Normal Sales Vol.1
Thursday, May 27th 10am~
・Limited quantity, will stop as soon as sold out

③Event Venue Sales
・Details will be announced soon

④Online Shop After Sales
・Details will be announced soon

※All dates and times are JST(Japan Standard Time)
※Estimated shipping/arrival dates are plans and is not guaranteed.
※Arrival dates can alter due to shipment status of your requested shipping area.
※The above prices are all tax included.